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"Even though I see it rarely, I now know to look for Gout Pseudogout. I found the course most flexible."
Robin C. Kenna PA-C

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The following quotes were extracted from AMS Program Evaluations over the past years with participant permission. These testimonials are from our recorded enduring materials.

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3 Page 1 of 23  4            Enduring Materials Testimonials
Excellent course. I especially liked the topic covering head trauma.Kevin R. Ackley M.D.
The topic covering osteoporosis was most useful as well as the part of the course covering treatment options. 
The topics on Tb, meningitis and hepatitis were most useful.Reuben J. Adams M.D.
I found nutritional issues the most useful topic along with Dr. Oberlender's lectures.Reuben J. Adams M.D.
The topics on community acquired pneumonia and acid-base were most useful.Reuben J. Adams M.D.
Overall it was all good and will really impact my practice. All of the topics were useful especially the one on shock. 
Everything about this course was useful especially the topics on toxicology and sedation. It's always good to be up to date on management of febrile infant. 
It's great! The topics on lower back pain and acute diarrhea were most useful.Salvatore N. Alfano M.D.
The congestive heart failure topic and syllabus of the course were most useful. 
This course provides a "to-the-point" presentation.Mohammad T. Ali M.D.
Most lectures expanded basic knowledge. 
Well organized course.Henry G. Amon M.D.
Keep up the good work! All topics in the course are practical.Demosthenes C. Amparo M.D.
All topics were useful.Demosthenes C. Amparo M.D.
I like that I can learn at my pace and especially liked the topics on HTN and CAD. 
The most useful part of the program was Pediatric Emergency Case Studies.Maria J. Anderson M.D.
I found most useful the treatment of depression.Kevin P. Andrasko M.D.
The most useful topics were MI and unstable angina.Rick L. Angel M.D.
I liked the flexibility of this course and found all topics to be useful.Saadat H. Ansari M.D.
The entire course was very well presented. It was easy to follow and the sections were useful.Enrique A. Arana M.D.
3 Page 1 of 23  4            Enduring Materials Testimonials

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Updated: October 30, 2014
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